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Report · September 2005

Educational Progress Across Immigrant Generations in California

Deborah Reed, Laura Hill, Christopher Jepsen, and Hans Johnson

The children and grandchildren of California’s substantial and growing immigrant population are consistently attaining higher levels of educational achievement than their parents and grandparents did-good news for them and for the future of California. But levels of educational success vary widely among different groups of immigrants, and some groups, notably those from Mexico, lag well behind others. In this report, the authors explore the disparities in educational attainment among these groups, while also showing that data clearly affirm the overall positive trend. Their research shows that disparities in the education levels of the parents in these groups play a significant role in explaining these gaps in educational attainment. This insight suggests opportunities for policy makers seeking to help all youth to achieve their own educational-and therefore economic’success stories.


Higher Education K–12 Education Population