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Deborah Reed
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Sanctions and Time Limits in California’s Welfare Program
California’s Future Workforce: Will There Be Enough College Graduates?
California’s Future Economy
Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Changes
Can California Import Enough College Graduates to Meet Workforce Needs?
Poverty in California: Moving Beyond the Federal Measure
Retention of New Teachers in California
Educational Progress Across Immigrant Generations in California
Transitions to Work for Racial, Ethnic, and Immigrant Groups
California 2025: Taking on the Future
Understanding Equitable Infrastructure Investment for California
Educational Resources and Outcomes in California, by Race and Ethnicity
Women, Work, and Family in California
Recent Trends in Income and Poverty
The Growing Importance of Education in California
Racial and Ethnic Wage Gaps in the California Labor Market
Poverty in California
California’s Young Children: Demographic, Social, and Economic Conditions
Poverty in California: Levels, Trends, and Demographic Dimensions
Demographic, Social, and Economic Trends for Young Children in California
Population Mobility and Income Inequality in California
A Portrait of Race and Ethnicity in California
How Well Does the Current Population Survey Represent California?
California’s Rising Income Inequality: Causes and Concerns
The Distribution of Income in California
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