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Hans Johnson
Hans Johnson
Center Director and Senior Fellow

Thomas and Marilyn Sutton Chair in Higher Education Policy


Higher education, California’s population, housing, workforce

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Hans Johnson is director of the PPIC Higher Education Center and a senior fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California, where he holds the Thomas and Marilyn Sutton Chair in Higher Education Policy. As center director, he works with a team of researchers to identify policies that can make higher educa­tion policy more successful and sustainable. His own research focuses on improving college access and completion. He frequently presents his work to policymakers and higher education officials, and he serves as a technical advisor to many organizations seeking to improve college graduation rates, address workforce needs, and engage in long-term capacity planning. His other areas of expertise include international and domestic migration, housing in California, and population projections. Previously, he served as research director at PPIC. Before joining PPIC, he worked as a demographer at the California Research Bureau and at the California Department of Finance. He holds a PhD in demography and a master’s degree in biostatistics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Immigrants and Education in California
Immigrants in California
California’s Population
California’s Future
California’s Future: Education
A New Era of Student Access at California’s Community Colleges
Higher Education and Economic Opportunity in California
Increasing Community College Transfers: Progress and Barriers
California’s Future: Housing
California’s Future: Population
New Eligibility Rules for the University of California? The Effects of New Science Requirements
What Happens When Colleges Broaden Access to Transfer-Level Courses? Evidence from California’s Community Colleges
Higher Education in California
Higher Education in California: California’s Higher Education System
Higher Education in California: Expanding College Access
Higher Education in California: Improving College Completion
Higher Education in California: Increasing Equity and Diversity
Higher Education in California: Investing in Public Higher Education
Higher Education in California: Making College Affordable
Higher Education in California: Meeting California’s Workforce Needs
Higher Education as a Driver of Economic Mobility
Remedial Education Reforms at California’s Community Colleges: Early Evidence on Placement and Curricular Reforms
Reforming English Pathways at California’s Community Colleges
Improving College Pathways in California
Reforming Math Pathways at California’s Community Colleges
Meeting California’s Need for College Graduates: A Regional Perspective
Determining College Readiness in California’s Community Colleges: A Survey of Assessment and Placement Policies
Preparing Students for Success in California’s Community Colleges
Will California Run Out of College Graduates?
Planning for California’s Growing Senior Population
Successful Online Courses in California’s Community Colleges
Higher Education in California: Institutional Costs
Higher Education in California: Performance Budgeting
Making College Possible for Low-Income Students: Grant and Scholarship Aid in California
Online Learning and Student Outcomes in Community Colleges
Student Debt and the Value of a College Degree
The Impact of Budget Cuts on California’s Community Colleges
Defunding Higher Education: What Are the Effects on College Enrollment?
California’s Housing Market
Illegal Immigration
Unauthorized Immigrants in California: Estimates for Counties
Higher Education in California: New Goals for the Master Plan
Educating California: Choices for the Future
Closing the Gap: Meeting California’s Need for College Graduates
California’s Future Economy
California’s Future Population
Housing in California
Birth Rates in California
Can California Import Enough College Graduates to Meet Workforce Needs?
Who Chooses to Choose Two? Multiracial Identity of Children
Changes in Educational Attainment Across Generations for Mexican Immigrants and Their Descendants: Do Increases Stall Between the Second and Third Generations?
Educational Progress Across Immigrant Generations in California
California’s Newest Homeowners: Affording the Unaffordable
California 2025: Taking on the Future
Medi-Cal Expenditures: Historical Growth and Long Term Forecasts
Second-Generation Immigrants in California
The Central Valley at a Crossroads: Migration and Its Implications
California’s Multiracial Population
The Demographics of Mortality in California
In Short Supply? Cycles and Trends in California Housing
California’s Demographic Future
California’s Newest Neighborhoods
Maternity Before Maturity: Teen Birth Rates in California
Who’s Your Neighbor? Residential Segregation and Diversity in California
Holding the Line? The Effect of Recent Border Build-up on Unauthorized Immigration
A State of Diversity: Demographic Trends in California’s Regions
Understanding the Future of Californians’ Fertility: The Role of Immigrants
New Trends in Newborns: Fertility Rates and Patterns in California
The Demography of California Immigrants
A Portrait of Race and Ethnicity in California
Graying in the Golden State: Demographic and Economic Trends of Older Californians
Movin’ Out: Domestic Migration to and from California in the 1990s
Trends in Family and Household Poverty
How Many Californians? A Review of Population Projections for the State
Taking the Oath: An Analysis of Naturalization in California and the United States
The Basic Skills of Welfare Recipients: Implications for Welfare Reform
Undocumented Immigration to California: 1980-1993
Enrollment Increases Will Require More Housing for UC and CSU Students
Geography of College Readiness in California
California’s Housing Construction Picks Up Pace
California’s New Baby Bust
Equity Gaps Narrow in Community College Courses, but More Work to Do
California Remains on Track to Close the Degree Gap
Who’s Leaving California—and Who’s Moving In?
California’s Stalled Population Growth
California Sees More College Graduates, but Progress Is Uneven
Home Prices Keep Racing up in California
Geography of Educational Attainment in California
Dual Admission Could Help More Students Transfer from Community College to State Universities
Most California Colleges Are Sticking with Online Instruction This Spring
Helping Community Colleges Build on Progress during the Pandemic
The Year Ahead in Higher Education
Testimony: Increasing Community College Transfers
College Plans during COVID-19
Workers Without College Degrees Face Unprecedented Job Losses
Public Higher Education in California Faces a Fiscal Crisis
Who Lives in California’s Nursing Homes?
Lessons from the Great Recession Can Protect College Students Today
California’s Most Isolated Seniors
Displaced by COVID-19: Moving Out of College Housing
COVID-19 Shutdown Forces Colleges to Ramp up Online Learning
Communicating to California’s Seniors about Coronavirus
California’s Population Slowdown
Testimony: California Is on Track to Close the Degree Gap
Demand for UC and CSU Enrollment Remains Strong
College Applications Are Up and Admission Rates Are Down
Integrating California’s Education Data
New Federal Data Sheds Light on Student Debt in California
California’s Brain Gain Continues
Reforming California’s Community College System
Expanding Enrollment at UC and CSU
Coping with High Housing Costs in College
Leveling the Playing Field in College Admissions
Helping Community College Students Succeed
Serving California’s Diverse College Students
More Students Than Ever Ready for UC and CSU
Many of California’s Highly Educated Workers Are Retiring
‘Tis the Season for College Applications
Gender Differences in Higher Education Start Early
Is the Decline in the Humanities Overstated?
More Students Are Earning STEM Degrees
Gender Imbalances in STEM Majors
How Changes in Immigration Affect California’s Workforce
New Admission Requirements at the University of California?
Testimony: Transfer Is Key to Closing the Workforce Skills Gap
Occupational Shifts Favor California’s High-Skill Workers
Testimony: How Can California Produce More College Graduates?
Testimony: The Need for College Graduates in California’s Future Economy
California’s Brain Gain
College Graduates and California’s Future
Housing Costs and Higher Education
Testimony: Cybersecurity Needs and Higher Education
DACA and California’s Future
College Graduates Have Higher Net Worth
California is Still Golden for College Graduates
Educational Progress Stalls in California
Students Choose College with Future Jobs in Mind
Highly Educated Workers See Strong Job Gains
Testimony: Ensuring That More Students Succeed in College
Immigrants Are Key to the State’s High-Skilled Workforce
The News on Student Debt Is Not All Bad
The Growing Gender Divide in Higher Education
A Generational Challenge for Higher Education
The Rise and Fall of Enrollment at For-Profit Colleges
Testimony: Closing California’s Workforce Skills Gap
Commentary: State Universities Are in a Budgetary Bind
Introducing the PPIC Higher Education Center
Testimony: Closing California’s Degree Gap
Interpreting California’s Latest SAT Scores
Online Learning and College Costs
Testimony: Improving the Cal Grant Program
Locking Students Out of Our Colleges a Losing Strategy
Delivering on the Promise of Online Education
Dividing California’s Higher Education Pie
The Decline of the Homeowner
Bay Area Tops in Population Growth Rates
Fulfilling the Promise of Online Education
Online Courses and Achievement Gaps
Is College the Answer to Income Inequality?
Ready for College?
Evaluating Student Success at the City College of San Francisco
Testimony: Community Colleges’ New Scorecard
The Flip Side of High Housing Prices
Most New Immigrants Are From Asia
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