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photo - Letitia Grenier
Letitia Grenier
PPIC CalTrout Ecosystem Fellow

Adjunct Fellow


Water policy

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Letitia Grenier is an adjunct fellow at the PPIC Water Policy Center and a program director and senior scientist at the San Francisco Estuary Institute, where she co-directs the Resilient Landscapes Program. She partners with public and private organizations to develop large-scale, nature-based solutions for restoring benefits provided by ecosystems against the backdrop of development, working landscapes, and climate change. She brought together and oversaw a team of more than 200 environmental scientists, managers, and regulators to develop science-­based recommendations for restoring and maintaining the health of San Francisco Bay’s tidal wetlands in the face of rising sea levels and other stressors. She also leads an ongoing science initiative in the Sacramento‒San Joaquin Delta to quantify landscape performance and develop large-scale restoration visions, which have been integrated into long-term planning, regulation and funding for the state of California. She holds a PhD in conservation biology from the University of California, Berkeley.

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