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Envisioning Futures for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
Jay Lund, Ellen Hanak, William Fleenor, Richard Howitt, Jeffrey Mount, and Peter Moyle

February 2007

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California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is widely perceived to be in crisis today: its levee system is fragile, many of its native species are declining rapidly, and it lacks strong governing institutions to deal with its problems. In its current state, the Delta is unsustainable for almost all stakeholders. This report provides a comprehensive, scientifically up-to-date analysis and outlines several alternative management strategies for the Delta.

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The Legacies of Delta History

Drivers of Change Within the Delta

The Future of the Delta as an Aquatic Ecosystem

A Crisis of Confidence: Shifting Stakeholder Perspectives on the Delta

Water Supply Adaptations to Changes in Delta Management

Delta Options and Alternatives

Evaluating Delta Alternatives

Financing and Governing a Soft Landing

Conclusions and Recommendations

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