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Protecting the Nation's Seaports: Balancing Security and Cost
Jon D. Haveman and Howard J. Shatz (editors), Stephen S. Cohen, Peter Gordon, Jon D. Haveman, Matthew C. Hipp, Seth K. Jacobson, Edward E. Leamer, James E. Moore, II, Qisheng Pan, Harry W. Richardson, Howard J. Shatz, Jay Stowsky, Christopher Thornberg, Ernesto Vilchis, and Amy B. Zegart (contributors).

June 2006

Protecting the Nationís Seaports: Balancing Security and Cost examines in detail the full dimensions of the task of port security, including the effectiveness of measures undertaken so far, and the costs to the nationóboth of implementing adequate port security, and of failing to do so. Jon D. Haveman and Howard J. Shatz, research fellows at PPIC, teamed with an array of experts on maritime security for this broad overview of port security issues that includes projections of the effects on the national economy of a successful port attack, the private sector implications of improving port security, a first-hand account of the considerable bureaucratic challenges that still must be overcome to strengthen individual ports, and guidelines for financing future port security efforts.