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GiftsDONOR SUPPORTGenerous support from individuals and organizations provides the resources we need to conduct innovative research and to bring our findings to the attention of policymakers, business and civic leaders, and the public to inspire constructive policy debates.
GrantsFEATURED CONTRIBUTOR"PPIC's nonpartisan approach to developing policy solutions that work for everyone is critical to keeping California on the path of aspiring to health, equity, and prosperity for all."
EVENT SPONSORSHIPPPIC’s Speaker Series on California’s Future brings together thought leaders from across the political and geographic spectrum to engage audiences in thoughtful discussions about our state’s present and future course.
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Contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, and others are crucial to advancing PPIC’s goals of providing essential information and framing policy debates to shape a better future for California. Donors may choose to direct their contributions to support PPIC’s general operations, a specific policy topic or research project, or PPIC’s public engagement programs.
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