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California is facing unprecedented challenges. As a nonpartisan organization dedicated to improving and informing public policymaking in the Golden State, we find our work more in demand today than ever before. Our reputation as a source of high quality, independent, objective, and timely information has made us a go-to place for engaged Californians and decisionmakers across the state. In our research and outreach programs, PPIC works to provide essential facts and leadership on a range of pressing issues.

And yet, at a time when there are increasingly urgent calls for our expertise, we face resource constraints that jeopardize our ability to respond to a rapidly changing policy environment. Your gift will signal your belief in the institute’s mission, help preserve our independence, and allow us to continue to produce innovative research that yields real-world results and shapes a better future for California.
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Arjay Miller
"PPIC’s nonpartisan approach to developing policy solutions that work for everyone is critical to keeping California on the path of aspiring to health, equity, and prosperity for all."spacer
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