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Blog Post · December 2, 2014

Timely Talk About California’s Future

Californians are feeling more optimistic about the state’s immediate economic future than they have in years, our December PPIC Statewide Survey shows. Today, 52 percent expect California to have good times financially for the next year. The last time more than half of residents expressed this view was in January 2001. But when Californians are asked to take the longer view, worries about their own economic futures emerge. Most residents—55 percent—think that when California’s children grow up they will be worse off financially than their parents.

The time is right to both build on Californians’ new optimism and address the nagging concerns about the future. After years of economic turmoil, the state has entered a period of reform and reinvention. How can we Californians ensure that the changes will bring about a better future for the state?

With the new legislature sworn in and state leaders developing policy agendas for the months ahead, PPIC is hosting a wide-ranging conversation tomorrow about the choices we need to make today to create a future that benefits all Californians. Registration for the conference, California—State of Change, is closed, but I invite you to watch the live webcast of this full-day event.

Event panels will cover a variety of topics, including the economic, political, and demographic trends driving change in the state; how leaders can best respond to them; and how government can be a partner in the kind of innovation that has made our state a leader in so many areas.

Please join us for a series of timely discussions about our future.


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