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Child Poverty and Related Factors by Region and Local Area, 2011-2014

This data set contains comprehensive tables for the data presented in the PPIC report Geography of Child Poverty in California and the accompanying interactive map. The tables present metrics concerning poverty and related factors for young children age 0–5 and all children age 0–17. Related factors include demographics, family resources, parents’ education and employment, cost of living, and the social safety net. Tables provide statewide, regional, and local data. Regions refer to nine regions across the state. Local areas refer to Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs) designated by the US Census Bureau. For more details about the data used in this research, see Technical Appendix A.

Note that all estimates provided in the worksheet have a margin of error indicated to the right of the estimate. Users are cautioned to give attention both to the estimates and to the margins of error. We present unrounded values; spreadsheet columns are formatted to show two decimal places.

Poverty rates are calculated according to the California Poverty Measure (CPM) for the years 2011–2014. Tables include the CPM margin of error, which is calculated for a 99% confidence interval. The CPM is a joint research effort between PPIC and the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality. For more on the CPM, including methodological changes that affect comparability with prior estimates, see Bohn et al., The California Poverty Measure (PPIC, 2013) and Wimer et al., CPM 2012: Poverty Rates and Safety Net Impacts across the State (2015).

Please contact Sarah Bohn or Caroline Danielson for answers to any questions concerning these data.

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