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Data Set

PPIC Sacramento Valley and Delta Surface Water Availability

This dataset includes a shapefile and Excel dataset. The dataset is organized by water districts and/or county and summarizes the land uses within each of them, based on the Department of Water Resources (DWR) 2016 land use data. It also assigns average surface water deliveries for entities that contain irrigated croplands in terms of acre-feet per irrigated acre. Average surface water deliveries were based on reported deliveries from 2010-19 for most districts, with some exceptions due to data availability constraints. The shapefile includes service areas of irrigation districts (ID) and other entities that are members of the groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) in 16 Sacramento Valley groundwater sub-basins and three within the San Joaquin Valley (SJV), which were previously excluded from a PPIC dataset on the SJV. The shapefile also includes the information about land use and surface water availability. For more information, contact Andrew Ayres.

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