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PPIC Sacramento Valley GSP Supply and Demand Projects

This spreadsheet includes project and management actions data collected from 16 groundwater sustainability plans (GSPs) from the 16 Sacramento Valley groundwater basins, submitted to the Department of Water Resources in January 2022. It accompanies the blog post, “Addressing Groundwater Overdraft in the Sacramento Valley,” by Spencer Cole, Kyle Greenspan, and Andrew Ayres (December 2023). Hyperlinks for each GSP are located in the “Download links for GSPs” sheet of this workbook.

The “Supply & demand projects” sheet lists projects and management actions, including the project title and description, groundwater basin, implementing agency, average annual benefit in acre-feet per year, and first year of project implementation.

Most basins also include many other projects that are less well-defined in terms of timeline, benefits, funding sources, and/or will only be pursued if other projects are insufficient to mitigate chronic overdraft. This dataset includes only projects with quantified benefits.

We group projects into broad categories, as described in the “Project category definitions” sheet.

Suggested citation: Cole, Spencer and Kyle Greenspan. 2023. PPIC Sacramento Valley GSP Supply and Demand Projects. Public Policy Institute of California.

For questions regarding this dataset, please contact Spencer Cole.

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