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PPIC Water Supply Constraints at the Local Scale in the San Joaquin Valley

This dataset includes an Excel file and a shapefile. The Excel file includes the includes water balance parameters used to support the modeling results presented in The Future of Agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley. We first describe the dataset fields—encompassing overdraft, irrigated acreage, applied water demands, surface water availability, groundwater use, irrigation efficiency, increases and decreases to supplies attributed to scenarios, and other miscellaneous data. Then, we provide details about revisions made to surface water supplies at the subunit scale to better reflect the conditions reported in groundwater sustainability plans (GSPs) and other documents.

Boundaries for all subunits (49 in total) used in our analysis are given in the shapefile “PPIC San Joaquin Valley Basins and Subunits.” Subunits were developed following Bulletin 118 groundwater basins and dividing each basin into smaller regions to reflect local water district boundaries, water supply availability, and other regional characteristics.

Suggested citation: Cole, Spencer and Alvar Escriva-Bou. 2023. PPIC Water Supply Constraints at the Local Scale in the San Joaquin Valley. Public Policy Institute of California.

For a detailed analysis of this data, see The Future of Agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley, Technical Appendix.

For questions concerning this dataset, please contact Alvar Escriva-Bou.

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