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photo - Preschoolers on Slides, Next to Teacher Seven in Ten Californians Support State-Funded Preschool With most Californians saying preschool education is important but expensive, a strong majority believe the state government should fund voluntary preschool programs for all four-year olds. Read More
photo - Moving Boxes in Living Room of New Home Who’s Leaving California—and Who’s Moving In? Compared with those who move away, people moving to California are more likely to be employed, earn high wages, and have high education levels. Read More
photo - Nurse Preparing Vaccine at the Drive-Through Distribution Site How Do Californians View the COVID-19 Vaccine? Although nearly half of Californians have gotten at least one dose, vaccine hesitancy—which varies across racial/ethnic groups and regions—continues to present a challenge in fully vaccinating the state’s population. Read More
photo - Low Water Level at New Melones Lake, California Anticipating and Addressing the Impacts of the Drought With the latest drought off to a strong start, what lessons can we learn from the last major dry period—and what actions can we take to manage it? Read More
photo - Sandy Shoreline of Lake with Low Water Level California’s Latest Drought in 4 Charts California is in drought again. Knowing what’s different and what’s similar compared to the past major drought can help us better prepare the most vulnerable sectors. Read More
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