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California rivers

photo - Sacramento River, California Pixel CA DWR Video: Improving the Health of California’s Freshwater Ecosystems California’s freshwater ecosystems are in poor health, and the current approach for managing them is not working. Jeff Mount, senior fellow at the PPIC Water Policy Center, describes a path for improving their condition to protect the benefits they bring. Read More
photo - Lake Shasta, Pixel CA DWR Making End-of-Life Decisions on Aging Dams Many of California’s large dams are outliving their functions and even becoming hazardous. We talked to Andrew Rypel of the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences about how to address this aging dam population. Read More
photo - Salmon Release into San Joaquin River Setting Aside Environmental Water for the San Joaquin River If we can find a way to restore the health of San Joaquin River while preserving the region’s social and economic vitality, we can do it anywhere in the state. Read More
photo - West Fork of the Carson River, Alpine County, California Commentary: New Approach Needed to Protect Health of California’s Rivers In the face of the changing climate, biodiversity loss, and continuing conflict over water, California urgently needs to rethink how it manages water for the environment. Restoring seasonal flows to rivers can help. Read More
photo - Walker River In Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest, California - Pixel CA DWR Video: Making the Most of Water for the Environment Ted Grantham—the first PPIC CalTrout Ecosystem Fellow and a cooperative extension specialist at UC Berkeley—and a panel of experts discuss a new approach to river management that would restore seasonal components of river flow to sustain ecosystem health. Read More
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