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groundwater sustainability

photo - Wheat Can Dryland Farming Help California Agriculture Adapt to Future Water Scarcity? Future restrictions on groundwater pumping to meet sustainability requirements could result in large areas of farmland coming out of production in the San Joaquin Valley. We talked to agroecologist Caity Peterson about the potential for dryland farming to reduce the need to fallow land. Read More
photo - Wildflowers at Wind Wolves Preserve in Bakersfield, California Creating a Place for Nature in the San Joaquin Valley The quest for groundwater sustainability will result in large amounts of irrigated farmland being retired in the San Joaquin Valley. We talked to Scott Butterfield of The Nature Conservancy about how some of these lands could be restored to natural areas that bring multiple benefits. Read More
photo - Agriculture Field in Brawley, California - Pixel CA DWR Finding a Balance between Supply and Demand to Get to Groundwater Sustainability The San Joaquin Valley is facing difficult tradeoffs in getting to sustainable groundwater management. We talked with Emmy Cattani, a fifth-generation farmer from Kern County, about how to minimize economic harm resulting from efforts to reduce groundwater use. Read More
photo - California Aqueduct in Kern County, California Pixel CA DWR Video: Building Resilience for Cities and Farms with Water Partnerships Moving from competition to cooperation can help solve water problems facing farms in the San Joaquin Valley and cities in Southern California. A panel of experts discussed how water partnerships can help address both regions’ needs. Read More
photo - Dormant Walnut Orchard in Lodi, California-pixel-ca-dwr-FL_Delta-3954_02_22_2019 Budgeting for Agricultural Sustainability and Resiliency We talked to Karen Ross, secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture, about agricultural programs designed to build climate resilience and support farmers’ financial resilience and water security. Read More
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