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safe drinking water

Native American Day Celebration-pixel-ca-dwr-JRC_native_american_day2-3929 Ensuring Safe Drinking Water for California’s Native American Communities California’s tribes frequently lack access to safe drinking water—and lack the funds to fix aging infrastructure. A new state program may help improve the situation. Read More
photo - Drying Lake Commentary: How Better Data Can Help California Avoid a Drinking Water Crisis As California’s drought enters its second year, new reporting systems can help Central Valley communities take action before the taps run dry. Read More
photo - California Aqueduct System, Pumping Plant, San Luis Canal How Water Bonds Plug Spending Holes As California responds to yet another drought and prepares for a future of greater climate extremes, securing funding to boost the water system’s resilience is a top priority. Read More
photo - Woman Holding a Glass of Water A Look at California’s Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Gaps A new state study identified a $4.6 billion funding gap to resolve safe drinking water problems over five years. We talked to UCLA’s Greg Pierce, the study’s lead researcher, about the findings. Read More
Whitewater Rapids in California Forest, in Winter Turning the Page on a Disruptive Year in the Water World Ellen Hanak, director of the PPIC Water Policy Center, describes some of 2020’s more pressing water-world challenges, and the center’s response to them. Read More
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