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Portrait of Allison Febbo

Allison Febbo

General Manager

Westlands Water District

Allison Febbo is the first woman to serve the Westlands Water District as general manager, where she is responsible for directing, coordinating, and reviewing the district’s activities and operations. She also serves as the administrative head of the district in its relations with the public, legislative bodies, federal and state governments, and local public agencies. Ms. Febbo is a hydrologist with 25 years of professional experience in natural resources, hydrology, and water operations. Prior to Westlands, she served as the general manager of the Mojave Water Agency and was the deputy operations manager for the Central Valley Operations Office for the US Bureau of Reclamation. Ms. Febbo holds a BS in earth and atmospheric science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a MS in hydrologic science from the University of California, Davis.