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Anna Sturrock

Anna Sturrock is an assistant professor and UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellow at the University of Essex in the UK. She also runs a working group for a European network (COST Action CA19107 – Unifying Approaches to Marine Connectivity for improved Resource Management for the Seas) focused on advancing methods to quantify and predict movements of individuals at sea and across the land-sea interface. Her research primarily focuses on fish migration timing, habitat use, growth and survival, and how salmonids respond to stressors such as drought and habitat loss. She completed her MSc at the University of Otago in New Zealand and PhD at the University of Southampton in the UK, focusing on marine fish population structure, behavior, and physiology. During her postdoctoral positions at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Berkeley, and the Center for Watershed Sciences at University of California, Davis, she focused on Chinook salmon in the Bay–Delta estuary system and the impacts of dam operations and hydroclimatic variability on the diet, growth, behavior, and survival of juvenile life stages. She is passionate about translating science into practical solutions for ecosystem conservation and management.