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Portrait of Daniel Mountjoy

Daniel Mountjoy

Director of Resource Stewardship

Sustainable Conservation

Daniel Mountjoy is the director of resource stewardship at Sustainable Conservation. He leads the organization’s water program to promote new approaches to conserve and replenish groundwater supplies for agriculture, communities, and the environment. He works to integrate technical knowledge, decision support tools, and policy in support of groundwater sustainability and habitat restoration through collaboration with farmers, the agricultural industry, researchers, agencies, and other non-governmental organizations. Prior to joining Sustainable Conservation, Daniel was assistant state conservationist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), serving the California Central Coast and San Francisco Bay-Delta regions. Daniel has practical on-the-ground experience as a farm and land manager on rural properties in northern California and as a landscape contractor in Santa Cruz County. Daniel holds a PhD in human ecology from the University of California, Davis; an MA in Latin American studies from Stanford University; and a BA in agroecology from the University of California, Santa Cruz.