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Patrick Callan


Higher Education Policy Institute

Patrick M. Callan is president of the Higher Education Policy Institute. He brings a wealth of experience to the PPIC Higher Education Center Advisory Council. He has served as president of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education; executive director of the California Higher Education Policy Center, the California Postsecondary Education Commission, the Washington State Council for Postsecondary Education, and the Montana Commission on Postsecondary Education; and vice president of the Education Commission of the States. He has published many articles and papers on higher education policy, educational opportunity, public accountability, financing of higher education, and state policy leadership. He coauthored Designing State Higher Education Systems for a New Century (2001) and Financing American Higher Education in the Age of Globalization (2012). He is coeditor of Public and Private Financing of Higher Education: Shaping Public Policy for the Future (1997) and The Learning Connection, New Partnerships between Schools and Colleges (2001).