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Portrait of Raul Barraza, Jr.

Raul Barraza, Jr.

General Manager

Arvin Community Services District

Raul Barraza, Jr. has been general manager at Arvin Community Services District since May 2016. Raul graduated from CSU, Bakersfield and taught for about five years before joining the petroleum industry, where he worked on project management for new construction for six years. After joining Arvin CSD, Raul completed his Distribution Grade 3 and Treatment Grade 3 operator certifications and is currently pursuing an MA in public administration. During his time with Arvin CSD, the district’s “Clean Water Projects” have helped return the district to compliance. The district signed an MOU with Arvin Edison Water Storage District to create the Arvin-Edison Management Area Plan, continuing the community of Arvin and Arvin-Edison’s basin recharge program, which began back in the early 1960s. The district has also collaborated with safe drinking water organizations, while helping people understand the economic impacts of delivering water. Mr. Barraza has presented to (or in collaboration with) Community Water Center, Committee for a Better Arvin, Self Help Enterprises, and Rural Community Assistance Corporation.