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Portrait of Reyn Akiona

Reyn Akiona

Ecologist and Watershed Coordinator

Tule Subbasin

Reyn Akiona is a San Joaquin Valley ecologist and the executive director and owner of the ecological services company Valley Eco. He has spent his career implementing habitat restoration and lands management in the San Joaquin Valley of California, with a focus on building partnerships and cross-applying ecological and agronomic principles to maximize ecological benefit, impact, and sustainability of the landscape. He spent several years at the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge Complex, was the environmental program director at Bowles Farming Co. (where he helped to develop Great Valley Seed Company), and later served as the regional director at River Partners. He holds a BS in biology with a minor in chemistry, and an MS in ecology and sustainability from California State University, Stanislaus. He currently serves as a watershed coordinator in the Tule Subbasin and agricultural instructor at Modesto Junior College, and he holds a seat on the local Resource Conservation District board.