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Statewide Survey · February 2004

PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government

Mark Baldassare

This is the 43rd PPIC Statewide Survey and the 16th in a series of large-scale public opinion polls that PPIC is conducting on a periodic basis throughout California’s election cycles. The purpose of this series is to develop an objective, in-depth profile of the social, economic, and political forces affecting public policy preferences and ballot choices in California.

Some findings of the current survey

  • At this time, all four propositions on the March 2nd primary ballot (55,56,57,58) face uncertain futures because many residents haven-t decided how they will vote.
  • Since our January 2004 survey, California’s likely voters have catapulted John Kerry from fourth (6%) to first (56%) place among Democratic candidates.
  • At this point, a Democrat nominee would get more votes (54%) than George W. Bush (37%) if the presidential election were held today.
  • Majorities of likely voters approve of the way Senators Barbara Boxer (52%) and Dianne Feinstein (57%) are doing their jobs.
  • The partisan gap is growing larger between Republicans and Democrats in California on issues such as abortion, the environment, immigrants, and gay and lesbian rights.


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