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Statewide Survey · September 2002

PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government

Mark Baldassare

This is the eleventh survey in a series of large-scale public opinion polls that will be conducted by PPIC during the 2002 California election cycle. The purpose of the surveys is to develop an objective, in-depth profile of the social, economic, and political forces affecting public policy preferences and elections in California.

Some findings of the current survey:

  • In the gubernatorial race, Gray Davis currently leads Bill Simon by 8 points (40% to 32%) among likely voters.
  • Among voters who recall seeing TV ads by the candidates for governor, 69% say the ads are not helpful to them in deciding which candidate to support.
  • Most voters (64%) say they are dissatisfied with the amount of attention the candidates are spending on the issues voters care about.
  • Nearly two-thirds (61%) of all adults in California think that the current cases of wrongdoing among chief executives of major businesses represent a widespread problem rather than a problem of a few corrupt individuals.


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