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Statewide Survey · March 2004

PPIC Statewide Survey: Special Survey of Los Angeles

Mark Baldassare

This survey ” the second in an annual series of PPIC surveys of Los Angeles County ” is a special edition of the PPIC Statewide Survey, which periodically includes regional and special-theme surveys. The intent of this survey is to provide an objective, in-depth profile of the public opinions, policy preferences, and economic, social, and political trends in Los Angeles County – the most populous county in the nation.

Some findings of the current survey

Deep racial and political divides separate the residents of Los Angeles:

  • 86% of whites, 85% of Asians, and 80% of Latinos say they are satisfied with the community they live in, while 33% of blacks are dissatisfied.
  • A majority of Asians (52%) and Latinos (50%) think the county is headed in the right direction, but whites (43%) and blacks (36%) are less optimistic.
  • A much higher share of Republicans (80%) than Democrats (45%) approve of the job Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing as governor.
  • Democrats are much more worried than Republicans that the state’s budget deficit will lead to severe cuts in K-12 education (Democrats 76%, Republicans 43%), health and human services (Democrats 74%, Republicans 36%), and government services such as parks and police (Democrats 63%, Republicans 29%).
  • Majorities of Democrats would be willing to pay higher taxes to maintain current funding in these three areas (K-12 education 66%, health and human services 56%, local government services, 54%), whereas a majority of Republicans would vote against such taxes (K-12 education 52%, health and human services 62%, local government services 56%).


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