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Statewide Survey · April 2004

PPIC Statewide Survey: Special Survey of the Central Valley

Mark Baldassare

This survey of the 19-county Central Valley region, conducted in collaboration with the Great Valley Center, is a special edition of the PPIC Statewide Survey. This is the fifth PPIC survey of the Central Valley. The purpose of this survey series, begun in 1999, is to provide comprehensive, advocacy-free information on the opinions and public policy preferences of Central Valley residents.

Some findings of the current survey

  • 75% of Central Valley residents rate their local community or city as a good or excellent place to live.
  • 53% believe that things in the Central Valley are headed in the right direction.
  • 42% believe that the Central Valley will be a better place to live in the future.
In spite of these optimistic responses, the Valley faces a number of serious problems.
  • Since 1999, concern over traffic congestion has nearly doubled from 23 percent to 44 percent.
  • Air pollution – viewed as the Valley’s most important issue – is now considered a big problem by 45% of the population, up from 28% in 1999.
  • Residents express increasing dissatisfaction with the lack of affordable housing: Positive ratings have fallen from 37% to 19% since 1999.


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