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Statewide Survey · July 2005

PPIC Statewide Survey: Special Survey on the Environment

Mark Baldassare

Some findings of the current survey

  • 86% of California adults believe that global warming will affect current or future generations. 57% believe the effects are already being felt.
  • 62% identify human activities as the primary cause of global warning. Only 22% say naturally occurring increases in temperature are responsible.
    • More residents trust the state government (52%) than the federal government (43%) to provide correct information about the condition of the environment.
      • A majority (54%) believe that the state government, apart from the federal government, should address the issues of global warming.
        • 38% of Californians say they approve of President Bush’s performance in office. Fewer approve of his handling of environmental (32%) and energy (29%) issues.
          • A majority of state residents (56%) oppose new oil drilling in federally-protected areas such as the Alaskan wilderness and remain opposed (53%) to allowing more oil drilling off the California coast.

              This is the 57th PPIC Statewide Survey and the second in a special three-year series supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The intent of this special series is to raise public awareness, inform decisionmakers, and stimulate public discussion about environment, education, and population issues facing the state. The current survey focuses in particular on public perceptions, policy preferences, and personal choices relating to air quality and energy-related issues.


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