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2020: Year in Review

Mark Baldassare President and CEO. This is a time of deep crisis for California. Multiple challenges, from the ongoing pandemic to economic and political…


PPIC Statewide Survey

The PPIC Statewide Survey provides a voice for the public and likely voters—informing policymakers, encouraging discussion, and raising awareness on ...


PPIC Water Policy Center

The PPIC Water Policy Center spurs innovative water management solutions that support a healthy economy, environment, and society—now and for future ...


PPIC Higher Education Center

The PPIC Higher Education Center advances political solutions that enhance educational opportunities for all of California's students—improving lives and ...


Support the PPIC Water Policy Center

The PPIC Water Policy Center connects nonpartisan, objective research to real-world water management debates, with the goal of putting California water ...


2020 Year in Review: Engagement

In contentious times, PPIC is promoting constructive dialogue. We believe in the power of good information to spark dialogue, change minds, ...


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By Ellen Hanak

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PPIC analyzes the immediate and long-term policy implications of a changing population, including factors such as immigration.


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