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Fact Sheet

Public Preschools in California

By Caroline Danielson, Tess Thorman

Together, CSPP and Transitional Kindergarten have 260,000 funded slots for 2018–19; Head Start had about 70,000 funded preschool slots for 2017–18. Limited data ...

Fact Sheet

The Medi-Cal Program

By Shannon McConville, Paulette Cha

Medi-Cal is a state-federal program that provides 12 million low-income Californians with comprehensive health insurance.

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Californians and the 2020 Census

By Sarah Bohn, Joseph Hayes, Tess Thorman

With a $15.6 billion budget, the Census Bureau will aim to gather a few key facts about all residents—address, age, race/ethnicity, home ownership, ...

Fact Sheet

Census-Related Funding in California

By Patrick Murphy, Caroline Danielson

US Census Bureau, Uses of Census Bureau Data in Federal Funds Distribution (2017). Topics. Health & Safety Net Population ...

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Earned Income Tax Credits in California

By Caroline Danielson, Tess Thorman

Earned Income Tax Credits are among the largest social safety net programs. ... For more about the CPM, see our fact sheet, “Poverty in California.

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The CalWORKs Program

By Caroline Danielson, Tess Thorman

CalWORKs is a key component of California's safety net for low-income families. ... the latest data (June 2017) show 1.1 million recipients—almost 200,000 ...

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Californians and Early Childhood Education

By Mark Baldassare, Lunna Lopes, Dean Bonner, David Kordus

The overwhelming majority of Californians say attending preschool is very important (68%) or somewhat important (21%) to student success in elementary and ...

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California’s In-Home Support Program

By Laurel Beck

Fact Sheet · November 2015 ... caseloads through FY 2011–12 are calculated from DSS IHSS summary data monthly reports. ... Health & Safety Net Population.

Fact Sheet

Nursing Homes in California

By Landon Gibson

Nursing homes are part of a network of long-term services and support—other services include home- and community-based services and home health care.