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California’s Water: Water for Farms

By Ellen Hanak, Jay Lund, Josué Medellín-Azuara, Daniel Sumner ...

California is the nation’s largest farm state and a global market leader. Farms have steadily improved productivity per unit of water used, but the latest drought has exposed agriculture’s growing vulnerability to water shortages. This brief describes a number of opportunities to strengthen agricultural water management for the long term.


Poverty & Inequality

More than a quarter of Californians live in or near poverty, and the longstanding divide between rich and poor poses a major challenge for our state and nation. PPIC builds understanding of what economic disparities mean for households and communities, while highlighting policies that can broaden opportunity and increase well-being.


K–12 Reforms and California’s English Learner Achievement Gap

By Laura Hill

English Learner (EL) students have been a key part of California’s K–12 system for decades. They currently make up about 21 percent of the public school population. English Learner status is meant to be temporary, and indeed, reclassified English Learners (those who are deemed English proficient) are among the best-performing students in the state. But students who remain ELs for longer periods generally have poor outcomes.

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Video: John Chiang’s Priorities

John Chiang, the state’s treasurer and candidate for governor, says his top priorities are education, housing, and a group of issues he calls “absolutely critical in everybody’s life:” jobs, climate change, and health care.


Charter Schools and California’s Local Control Funding Formula

By Iwunze Ugo, Laura Hill

Over the two decades since their inception, charter schools have become a significant part of the California public school system. Quasi-independent, but publicly funded, these schools educate about 10 percent of the state’s students.


K–12 Education

Evaluating resources and policies that improve student outcomes


Health & Safety Net

Analyzing policies for reducing poverty and increasing well-being

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