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Slowing Climate Change by Capturing Carbon

By Sarah Bardeen

Slashing greenhouse gas emissions is one of the 21st century’s most pressing tasks—and for difficult-to-cut emissions, direct air carbon capture could help. But what is this emerging technology, and how might it fit into California’s decarbonization strategy? We asked Roger Aines of Lawrence Livermore National Labs to tell us more.

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Wildfire Smoke Is a Threat to Children’s Health

By Shalini Mustala

The average number of days per year with heavy smoke in California's air has been rising, especially in the Central Valley, Sacramento region, and far north. This poses a particular health risk for children, who are more likely to be exposed to wildfire smoke and more susceptible to its effects.

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Are Carbon Offsets Actually Working?

By Sarah Bardeen, Caitlin Peterson

In a world that urgently needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, carbon offsets have emerged as one possible solution. We asked PPIC adjunct fellow Van Butsic, a cooperative extension specialist at UC Berkeley who recently studied offsets for a carbon management firm, to tell us more.

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How to Keep Buildings Cool in California’s Warming Climate

By Sarah Bardeen

California is getting warmer—and that’s putting strain on residents who are struggling to stay cool. Could better architectural design help? This week, we speak with an expert in passive cooling and carbon-neutral design to learn more.

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