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Racial Disparities in California Law Enforcement Stops

By Magnus Lofstrom, Alexandria Gumbs, Brandon Martin

Dec 3, 2020 ... Other reasons include an outstanding warrant, being on parole or probation supervision, a consensual encounter (a stop starting without ...

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Racial Disparities Are Widespread in California

By Sarah Bohn, Magnus Lofstrom, Lynette Ubois

Jun 3, 2020 ... Roughly 16% of all arrests are of African Americans, and African Americans account for 26% of the state's probation population, about 25% of ...

Fact Sheet

California’s Prison Population

By Joseph Hayes, Justin Goss, Heather Harris, Alexandria Gumbs

Many of California's inmates live in overcrowded conditions, despite successful efforts to stabilize the prison population systemwide.


Recidivism of Felony Offenders in California

By Mia Bird, Justin Goss, Viet Nguyen

Individuals who received probation-with or without a jail sentence-initially experienced increases in recidivism rates under realignment but then saw ...

Fact Sheet

California’s Changing Parole Population

By Joseph Hayes, Justin Goss

In 2012, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) projected that the active parole population would drop to about 29,000 by 2015; in ...

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Video: The Impact of Realignment on Recidivism

By Linda Strean

Dec 18, 2017 ... These offenders were released from state prison after serving time for certain low-level felonies and then supervised by county probation ...


Realignment and Recidivism in California

By Mia Bird, Ryken Grattet, Viet Nguyen

PRCS offenders are released from state prison after serving time for certain lower-level felonies and receive supervision by county probation agencies.