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Fact Sheet

California’s Changing Parole Population

By Joseph Hayes, Justin Goss

In 2012, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) projected that the active parole population would drop to about 29,000 by 2015; in ...

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Video: The Impact of Realignment on Recidivism

By Linda Strean

Dec 18, 2017 ... Those who got “split sentences”—jail time followed by probation supervision—had higher rates of rearrest but lower rates of reconviction ...


Realignment and Recidivism in California

By Mia Bird, Ryken Grattet, Viet Nguyen

PRCS offenders are released from state prison after serving time for certain lower-level felonies and receive supervision by county probation agencies.


California Probation in the Era of Reform

By Viet Nguyen, Ryken Grattet, Mia Bird

Recent reforms significantly altered the role of probation in California. ... lower-level felons from state prison and parole to county jail and probation.

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Grants Awarded to Combat Recidivism

By Brandon Martin

Jun 15, 2017 ... Eight small scale projects ($1 million) received funding, including $960,667 for Merced County Probation Department to provide mental health ...


Pretrial Release in California

By Sonya Tafoya, Mia Bird, Ryken Grattet, Viet Nguyen

Key questions for reform include whether the state holds too many defendants in jail pending trial and whether bail is an equitable form of pretrial release.

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Video: Assessing Corrections Reforms

By Linda Strean

Oct 3, 2016 ... The counties—sheriffs, probation departments, and the courts—have had to quickly adjust, first to an increase in their populations under ...