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Sarah Bohn

Her own research focuses on the role of social safety net policy and education policy in alleviating poverty and enhancing economic mobility. Her other areas of ...


Paul Ullrich

Paul Ullrich. Assistant Professor. Regional and Global Climate Modeling, University of California, Davis, Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources.


Shalini Mustala

Before joining PPIC, she worked as a planning engineer for the government of India, working closely with rural infrastructure policies. She has a background in ...


Acquanetta Warren

Acquanetta Warren is mayor of the City of Fontana. She focuses her administrations on bolstering economic development, creating educational opportunities, ...


Daniel Tan

His research interests include public health, gender and racial wage differentials, and poverty and income distribution. Prior to joining PPIC, he was an ...


Our Contributors

PPIC is grateful to the individuals and organizations listed below. Your generous support enables us to tackle critical challenges facing California and ...


Anna Sturrock

Her research primarily focuses on fish migration timing, habitat use, growth and survival, and how salmonids respond to stressors such as drought and habitat ...


Kristen Soares

Kristen Soares is the fourth president of the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities, representing the chief executives of ...


David Mitchell

Cubed. His practice areas include benefit-cost analysis, regional economic impact assessment, utility rate setting, natural resource valuation, water demand ...


Statewide Survey Data

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