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A Changing State of Water Conservation

By Lori Pottinger

Jun 1, 2016 ... The California State Water Board is charged with balancing all water needs across the state—an especially difficult task when there's less ...

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Californians and Water Conservation

By David Kordus

Jun 22, 2015 ... When we compared survey responses about water conservation efforts with the water use reductions in these regions, we found that perceptions and ...

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What Motivates People to Use Less Water?

By Lori Pottinger

Sep 24, 2018 ... PPIC: Talk about your recent research on water conservation messaging. ... statewide and utility messages and incentives to conserve water.

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Drought Watch: Rethinking Urban Water Pricing

By Ellen Hanak, Caitrin Chappelle

Sep 3, 2014 ... One important factor is that when conservation measures work, agencies sell less water and their revenues fall. But the costs of providing ...

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Building Community to Support Healthy Forests

By Henry McCann

Feb 1, 2018 ... The high cost of forestry work on these small land holdings is a major barrier for many owners. Resource conservation districts (RCDs) are one ...