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How Wildfires Affect California’s Water Supply

By Henry McCann, Jeffrey Mount, Claudia Herbert

Jul 23, 2018 ... Managing forests with mechanical thinning and prescribed burning simulates the effects of low- and moderate-severity wildfire—creating ...

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How California’s Wildfires Are Changing

By Henry McCann

Sep 21, 2020 ... This year's fire season has already set records in number of acres burned, with months left to go. We asked fire scientist Crystal Kolden of ...

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What Can California Prisons Do When Wildfires Close In?

By Heather Harris, Alexandria Gumbs, Joseph Hayes

Nov 13, 2020 ... One way to assess the threat wildfires may pose to California's prisoners and prison ... If wildfire threats prompted prison evacuations, ...

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New Laws Help Prepare Communities for Wildfire

By Henry McCann

Oct 14, 2019 ... Help homeowners and communities become more fire resistant: · Improve wildfire emergency preparedness · Manage flammable vegetation: · Increase ...

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Managing Wildfires Requires New Strategies

By Jeffrey Mount, Henry McCann

Sep 23, 2015 ... Severe wildfires have been dominating the news this summer, with good reason. The persistent drought, coupled with the legacy of poor forest ...

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How Is the Pandemic Affecting Wildfire Preparedness?

By Henry McCann, Van Butsic

Apr 27, 2020 ... California has experienced catastrophic wildfires and widespread tree death in recent years that have accelerated its efforts to reduce wildfire ...