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Californians’ Views on Mass Shootings and Assault Weapons

By Deja Thomas

Nearly two in three Californians are concerned about the threat of a mass shooting in their area. A strong majority say they would support a nationwide ban on the sale of assault weapons, though views vary widely across party lines.

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Improving Lives through Public Policy

By Tani Cantil-Sakauye

President and CEO Tani Cantil-Sakauye reflects on the role that PPIC’s independent, nonpartisan research plays in helping to improve Californians’ physical, educational, and economic well-being.

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A Large Proportion of Crime Goes Unsolved in California

By Magnus Lofstrom

California’s clearance rates—the shares of reported crimes for which police make an arrest and refer the arrestee to prosecution—are better than those nationwide. Still, statewide less than half of violent crimes and only one in ten property crimes are cleared.

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California’s Leading Role in Providing Criminal Defense to the Poor

By Heather Harris

This week is the 60th anniversary of a landmark US Supreme Court decision that established a constitutional right to legal representation for defendants in state criminal courts, regardless of their ability to pay. We look at California’s approach to indigent defense and how it has changed over time.

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How Often Are Firearms Confiscated During Traffic Stops?

By Deepak Premkumar, Andrew Skelton, Magnus Lofstrom

As more localities consider reforms intended to reduce police stops for minor traffic violations, it is important to evaluate how instrumental these stops are in seizing illicit firearms. We look at the state’s eight largest police departments and find significant variation in how often searches during traffic stops result in firearms being confiscated.

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