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California’s Dual Jobs Challenges

By Sarah Bohn, Marisol Cuellar Mejia, Julien Lafortune

An analysis of the latest jobs report for California shows how the state is faring on two key labor market challenges: increasing employment among the unemployed and bringing back those who left the labor force.

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Helping California Schools Open Safely

By Laura Hill, Mary Severance

We spoke with Dr. Naomi Bardach, head of California’s Safe Schools for All initiative, about how this cross-agency effort is helping K–12 schools to safely return to in-person instruction.

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California’s High Housing Costs Increase Poverty

By Patricia Malagon, Caroline Danielson

Many families across the state struggle to afford housing, and periods of rising home prices—such as the pandemic recession—can pose a particularly large challenge.

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Tax Hurdles May Limit Impact of the Expanded Child Tax Credit

By Caroline Danielson, Tess Thorman

The one-year expansion of the federal Child Tax Credit could reduce child poverty in California by a third. But the actual impact of this expanded credit depends on how many eligible families claim it.

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California Jobs and Labor Force Are Still Down but Recovering

By Sarah Bohn, Marisol Cuellar Mejia, Julien Lafortune

Employment is still well below pre-pandemic levels, though the number of jobs continues to increase. Despite the state’s rapid recovery so far, underemployed and discouraged workers remain a key concern.

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