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Homeless Populations Are Rising around California

By Jennifer Paluch, Joseph Herrera

Between 2020 and 2022, California’s homeless population increased by 6%. While this growth was largely concentrated in urban areas, the number of people experiencing homelessness declined in San Francisco and Orange County.

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Human Trafficking in California

By Heather Harris

California accounts for a declining share of the human trafficking incidents that occur nationally. But detecting human trafficking is challenging, and understanding the scope of trafficking is critical to combatting this kind of exploitation.

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Improving Regional Representation among Community College Transfers

By Cesar Alesi Perez, Vicki Hsieh, Hans Johnson, Marisol Cuellar Mejia

Transferring to a four-year college is critical to improving economic mobility among underrepresented student groups—but the actual likelihood of transferring is quite low and varies widely across the state.

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California’s Native American Community

By Eric McGhee

The native people of California have lived in the state for tens of thousands of years and today represent a vibrant part of the California community. While California’s native community is the smallest among all major racial and ethnic groups, seven in ten Native Americans also identify with another race.

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How Are California’s Cities Managing the Drought?

By Alvar Escriva-Bou, Annabelle Rosser, Ellen Hanak

Though urban water agencies have failed to meet Governor Newsom’s call for a 15% voluntary reduction in water use, they’ve avoided major supply disruptions so far. Are cities failing to manage the current drought—or are we focusing on the wrong metrics?

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Beavers: The Unlikely Climate Hero

By Sarah Bardeen

Beavers were once ubiquitous in North America, but trapping and habitat loss decimated their population: there are just 10-15 million beavers in North America today. We asked a beaver restoration expert to tell us more about this unlikely climate hero and its role in restoring streams and meadows.

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California’s Hispanic Community

By Eric McGhee

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we look at our state’s large and dynamic Hispanic population, which accounts for nearly four in ten Californians—more than any other racial or ethnic group.


Storing Water for the Environment

By Sarah Null, Jeffrey Mount, Brian Gray, Kristen Dybala ...

Large reservoirs are essential for managing water in California’s highly variable climate—but over the years, the construction and operation of these reservoirs have had significant environmental costs. Our new research outlines how reservoir operations could be changed to improve the health of the state’s fragile freshwater ecosystems.

Policy Brief

Policy Brief: Storing Water for the Environment

By Sarah Null, Jeffrey Mount, Brian Gray, Kristen Dybala ...

To protect and restore California’s freshwater ecosystems and respond to the changing climate, California’s water managers must change how they operate reservoirs. Our policy brief offers recommendations for how to do this in a way that makes the most efficient use of scarce water for the environment while minimizing impacts on other water uses.

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