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America’s Public Lands: A Bipartisan Political Success Story

By Sarah Bardeen

In an era marred by bitter partisanship, law professor John Leshy says that our public lands are one of the country’s greatest bipartisan achievements—and a shining political success story that’s worth emulating. Read our interview with him!

Policy Brief

Policy Brief: Tracking Where Water Goes in a Changing Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta

By Greg Gartrell, Jeffrey Mount, Ellen Hanak

The Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta supplies water to roughly 30 million Californians, over 6 million acres of farmland, and countless ecosystems. But the watershed’s climate is changing: recent decades have seen record warmth, higher evaporation, and declining snowpack. We track where the water is going—and how to adapt.

blog post

Maximizing Benefits of Solar Development in the San Joaquin Valley

By Annabelle Rosser, Mitchelle De Leon

Solar development offers one promising way to soften the economic blow as more irrigated farmland comes out of production in the San Joaquin Valley. We met with a diverse range of stakeholders to discuss how to maximize benefits—and mitigate potential harm.


Health Care Access among California’s Farmworkers

By Paulette Cha

Farmworkers are a key link in the food supply chain and important contributors to California’s economy. As farmworkers age, their health care needs are changing—and cost and lack of insurance are often barriers to care. While recent state and federal policies have made insurance more accessible, not all policies improved coverage among farmworkers.

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California K–12 Enrollment Declines Continue to Exceed Expectations

By Julien Lafortune, Emmanuel Prunty

K–12 public school enrollment statewide has fallen for five straight years, with a decrease of more than 270,000 students over the past two years alone. Examining the variation across regions provides insights into this enrollment decline.

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Extended Freeze on Student Loan Payments Could Help Many California Borrowers

By Darriya Starr, Jacob Jackson

The federal government’s moratorium on student loan payments during the COVID-19 crisis, along with plans to eliminate defaults and delinquencies, may leave many California borrowers better off than they were before the pandemic, when many struggled to make progress on their loans.

blog post

Reforming Water Rights in California

By Sarah Bardeen

Water rights reform has long been the third rail in California politics—but that might be changing, thanks to an intriguing new report. We speak with two of the report’s authors about why they undertook this effort now.

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