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Priorities for California’s Water

By Jeffrey Mount, Ellen Hanak, Sarah Bardeen, Alvar Escriva-Bou ...

Nov 30, 2022 ... Fish and wildlife populations that are in poor shape tend to be less resilient to increasing drought intensity, struggling to survive drought ...


Solar Energy and Groundwater in the San Joaquin Valley

By Andrew Ayres, Annabelle Rosser, Ellen Hanak, Alvar Escriva-Bou ...

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife could lead such efforts and make approvals contingent on a set of pre-defined on-site activities to lower ...

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Beavers: The Unlikely Climate Hero

By Sarah Bardeen

Oct 24, 2022 ... Wet meadows act as carbon sinks and fire breaks, reduce impacts from floods, and provide habitat for fish and wildlife. And beavers are one of ...

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Water for Wildlife Refuges: 30 Years of the CVPIA

By Sarah Bardeen

Sep 20, 2022 ... It recognized the importance of the Central Valley's rivers for migratory birds, fish, and other wildlife—and the need to make protection and ...