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Blog Post · June 3, 2016

Video: Survey Looks at Candidates & Issues

The most recent PPIC Statewide Survey found a tightening primary race between Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and strong majority support for Donald Trump among Republican primary likely voters.

Dean Bonner, associate survey director, presented the findings at a Sacramento briefing last week. In addition to examining views of presidential candidates, the survey asked California likely voters for their choices in the election for US Senate—and it looked ahead at potential matchups for November in both races.

The survey offers a snapshot of Californians’ views on two key topics being widely debated nationally:

  • Immigration policy. A strong majority of likely voters oppose building a wall along the entire border with Mexico, as Trump has promised to do. There is a stark partisan divide: 86% of Democrats and 72% of independents oppose building a wall, while 59% of Republicans favor it. Asked whether or not undocumented immigrants living in the United States should be allowed to stay legally, 75% of likely voters favor allowing them to stay. Majorities across partisan lines say undocumented immigrants should be allowed to stay.
  • US Supreme Court. At a time when the court has issued rulings on a number of polarizing topics, California likely voters are divided in how they rate the court: 46% approve of the way the court is handling its job and 44% disapprove. Should the Senate should confirm Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, to the court? About half of likely voters (51%) say yes, and 33% say no.
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