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Video: Legislative Leaders Address Sexual Misconduct
Video: The Impact of Realignment on Recidivism
Video: John Cox’s Priorities
Video: Preview of the Statewide Election
Video: Keeping Students on Track for College
Video: Strategies for Reducing Child Poverty
Video: Gavin Newsom’s Priorities
Video: Californians Concerned about Cost but Give State’s Colleges Good Grades
Video: Reforming Remedial Math in Community College
Video: How Californians View National Issues
Video: Reforms Challenge County Probation Departments
Video: Californians and Climate Change
Video: California’s Voter Turnout Challenge
Regional Action to Boost College Success
Video: Attorney General Becerra on the Issues
Video: Villaraigosa on His Priorities
Video: Pessimism about Nation’s Direction
Video: Tom Steyer on the Issues
Video: Analyzing the Standardized Test Results
Video: Taking the Pulse of Californians’ Views of Schools
Video: Californians’ Views of Trump and Key Proposals
Video: Top Goals of Higher Education Leaders
Video: Reaching Children in Poverty
Video: Feinstein on Her Role in a New World
Video: An Early Look at Views of President Trump
Video: Ending the Housing Crisis
Video: Legislative Leaders Look Ahead
Video: Grading the Higher Education System
Video: Strengthening Pathways to Health Careers
Funding Special Education
Improving Math Placement Decisions
Preparing Community College Students for Success
Video: The Mood Before Election Day
Video: John Chiang Looks to the Future
Video: Assessing Corrections Reforms
Video: A High-Interest Election
Video: Assessing California’s Global Warming Law
Video: Rolling Out the New Motor Voter Law
Video: Upgrading Technology in California Schools
Video: Survey Looks at Candidates & Issues
Video: 3 Cities Address Economic Challenges
Video: Improving Graduation Rates at California State University
Video: Expanding the California Electorate
Video: County Jails and the ACA
Early Results from Education Reforms
Deborah Gonzalez Joins PPIC as Government Affairs Director
Video: Californians’ Views of K–12 Education
Video: Challenges and Opportunities for Higher Education
Video: Lessons on Marijuana Regulation
Video: Broadening California’s Exclusive Electorate
Video: Californians Weigh in on Presidential Race
Video: Congressman Kevin McCarthy in Conversation
Video: California’s Voter Turnout Problem
Video: Senator Dianne Feinstein in Conversation
Video: A Conversation with Legislative Leadership
Video: PPIC Survey Examines Election Landscape
Video: Governing in a Time of Change
Video: Health Coverage & Undocumented Immigrants
Leon Panetta on Leadership and Crisis
Video: Higher Education & Our Economic Future
Video: Survey Looks at Taxes and Pensions
Video: Rating Realignment
Inspiring Civic Engagement
Video: Senator Boxer Comes to PPIC
Video: California’s Aging Population
Video: PPIC’s Annual Survey on the Environment
Video: Alternatives to Incarceration
Video: Civic Engagement and Voter Turnout
Video: Online Testing and Learning in California Schools
Video: PPIC Statewide Survey Briefing
Video: Implementing California’s School Funding Formula
Video: January PPIC Statewide Survey Briefing
Managing Drought: Conference Videos
Legislators Talk Next Steps on Water Policy
California’s Future Challenges and Opportunities
Paying for Higher Education
Video Highlights Survey’s Election Findings
Video: Making College Possible
California’s Secretary of State Candidates in Conversation
PPIC Honors Statesman George Shultz
How Can California Increase Voter Turnout?
Survey Focuses on Historic Changes in California Schools
Education Experts Focus on Common Core
Videos Highlight Water Finance Event
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