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Blog Post · December 3, 2018

Video: Water Advice for Governor-Elect Newsom

Each fall, the PPIC Water Policy Center hosts a public event to review water policy priorities for the coming year. This year’s panel discussions focused on ways the new administration can promote water policies and practices that benefit the state’s people, economy, and environment. A diverse group of experts on three panels discussed the intersection of water policies with California’s most pressing economic issues; innovations in policy, practice, and technology that offer solutions for key water problems; and steps needed to adapt the state’s water systems to a changing climate.

Each panelist was given an opportunity to make a short “elevator pitch” on water priorities for the governor-elect. Topics included the nexus between water and housing, the challenge of bringing groundwater into balance in the San Joaquin Valley, and improving water management with better data and information technology.

Watch the video to see which water issues these 12 experts think Gavin Newsom should prioritize when he takes over from Jerry Brown in January. And here’s a playlist of all videos from the event.


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