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How Does Cannabis Cultivation Affect California’s Water?
Will Drought Fan the Flames this Fire Season?
Video: Is California Ready for Drought?
Can Dryland Farming Help California Agriculture Adapt to Future Water Scarcity?
Creating a Place for Nature in the San Joaquin Valley
Why Is It Taking So Long to Restore the Sediment-Choked Elk River?
Video: Water Use in California
Finding a Balance between Supply and Demand to Get to Groundwater Sustainability
Operating Dams to Better Manage Big Storms Can Build Resiliency to Climate Extremes
Video: Improving the Health of California’s Freshwater Ecosystems
Smoothing the Bumps in the Road to Ecosystem Restoration
Video: The Path to Healthy Headwater Forests
Video: Building Resilience for Cities and Farms with Water Partnerships
Budgeting for Agricultural Sustainability and Resiliency
A Wish List for Water Collaboration with the Biden‒Harris Administration
Droughts Aren’t Just About Water Anymore
Video: Building a Water-Resilient California
Making End-of-Life Decisions on Aging Dams
Recession Safety Net Needed for State’s Small Water Systems
Video: Making the Most of Water for the Environment
A Faster Track for Ecosystem Restoration
When a Lack of Air Conditioning is a Public Health Threat
Groundwater Sustainability Moves from Planning to Implementation
The Virus Detectives: Tracking COVID-19 in Bay Area Wastewater
Forging Connections to Provide Safe Drinking Water
How Permitting Slows Ecosystem Recovery and Climate Resilience Projects
Growing Damages from Wildfires Burn the Insurance Industry
Video: A Review of San Joaquin Valley Groundwater Sustainability Plans
How the Pandemic Has Disrupted Food Chains
Video: The Benefits of Headwater Forest Management
Lessons from the Pandemic for Addressing Climate Change
Coping with COVID-19 in California’s Cities
Wastewater Treatment Kills Most Pathogens, Including COVID-19 Virus
Groundwater Sustainability Planning Undeterred by COVID-19
Counting Californians and Holding Elections in a Pandemic
Food Security in a Time of COVID-19 Insecurity: How the Virus Affects Farming
COVID-19: Not a Threat to California’s Water Supply
Why the Big Drop in California’s Colorado River Water Use?
California Agriculture in 2050: Still Feeding People, Maybe Fewer Acres and Cows
Fighting Sea Level Rise the Natural Way
Video: A Path Forward for California’s Freshwater Ecosystems
Reducing Flood Risk in the Central Valley
Addressing Inequality in Flood Risk
Video: Preparing California’s Water System for Climate Extremes
Taking on Tough Challenges at the State Water Board
Managing a Non-Native Delta Ecosystem
A California Dream: Less Plastic in the Ocean
Preparing California’s Rivers for a Changing Climate
Planning for a Drier Future in the Colorado River Basin
The Yolo Bypass: It’s a Floodplain! It’s Farmland! It’s an Ecosystem!
The State of Wildfire Risk Reduction in California
An Opportunity to Restore Fish Abundance on the Eel River
Learning the Language of Groundwater
Groundbreaking Dam Removal Moves Forward on the Klamath
Fostering Sustainability in the San Joaquin Valley
California’s Dairy Industry Faces Water Quality Challenges
Video: Managing Wastewater in a Changing Climate
A New Reality for Federal Flood Insurance
Video: State and Federal Experts Discuss San Joaquin Valley’s Water Future
Widening the Conversation about Safe Drinking Water in the San Joaquin Valley
The Challenges of Changing Land Use in the San Joaquin Valley
Video: Water and the Future of the San Joaquin Valley
Connecting the Drops in Watershed Management
Colorado Drought Deal Close, But Not Done
How Climate Change Drives Disaster Cascades
Video: Water Advice for Governor-Elect Newsom
Working with California Tribes on Upper Watershed Restoration
Video: Water Priorities for California’s Next Governor
Tackling Safe Drinking Water in the San Joaquin Valley
Groundwater and the Colorado River
What Motivates People to Use Less Water?
Video: Managing Drought in a Changing Climate
Remaking Flood Management to Support Salmon
Paying for Water’s “Fiscal Orphans”
A Path to Progress for the Salton Sea
A Balancing Act for the Colorado River
How “Weather Whiplash” Could Change California
Ecosystems Need Groundwater Too
How Oroville Is Changing Dam Safety in California
A Bottom-Up Approach to Groundwater Sustainability
Why We Need Working Floodplains
Farming Wetlands to Grow Birds
Flood Prevention 101: Stay Out of the Floodplain
Modernizing Water Systems in Disadvantaged Communities
The Unintended Consequences of Indoor Water Conservation
Videos: Priorities for California’s Water
Video: Improving the Health of California’s Headwater Forests
Storing Water for Dry Days
Testimony: Managing California’s Headwater Forests
New Water Official’s Views on Salton Sea, Other Priorities
Video: Building Bay Area Drought Resilience
The Search for Sustainability in the Colorado River Basin
The Changing Face of California’s Water Leadership
Video: Building Urban Drought Resilience
Why Drought Makes Water Rates Rise
How Unhealthy Forests Affect Water Supply
The Myth of Water Wasted to the Sea
Wetlands at Risk from Federal Rule Change
Remaking the Salton Sea
Banking on Groundwater
Video: Water Stress in San Joaquin Valley
Groundwater: Act Locally, Think Sustainably
Making the Groundwater Law Work
California’s Changing Headwaters
Water Trivia Quiz Answers
Drought Savvy? Take Our Water Trivia Quiz
Video: Policy Priorities for California’s Water
Recycled Drinking Water: The Next Frontier
California’s Fish Emergency
Making Homes More Water Efficient
California’s Ecosystems in Perpetual Drought
How Green Is My Water?
Video: Improving California’s Water Accounting
How Much Water Does Nature Need?
A Weatherman Explains California’s Volatile Climate
A Changing State of Water Conservation
California’s Big-Ticket Water Challenges
Troubled Waters for California Farmers
Farms That Grow Groundwater
Video: Farming’s Water Future
Linking Land Use and Water Decisions
Steyer Fellowship to Focus on Groundwater
State’s Ecosystems Face a Flood of Changes
The Coming Groundwater Revolution
California Depends on Rivers—in the Air
Improving Water Allocation During Droughts
Video: Farming Solutions to Weather Drought
Coming Together Over Groundwater
Do You Know Where Your Water’s Been?
Building a Better Water Safety Net
Stressful Times for Drought-Stricken Delta
Videos: How Should We Price Water?
Water Management’s High-Tech Future
Video: Meeting Water Challenges on the Central Coast
Video: What If California’s Drought Continues?
The Carmel River Gets a Boost
Central Coast a Microcosm of State Water Challenges
The Challenges of Getting More Crop per Drop
California Streams Going to Pot from Marijuana Boom
Getting to Groundwater Sustainability
Video: Let’s Pull Together to Solve the Groundwater Crisis
“Water 101” Podcast Covers Challenges, Solutions
Video: Press Club Focuses on Water
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