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PPIC Higher Education Center

About the Center

The PPIC Higher Education Center advances practical solutions that enhance educational opportunities for all of California’s students—improving lives and expanding economic growth across the state. We envision our state’s world-renowned higher education system effectively, efficiently, and equitably preparing a broad range of students to meet the challenges of the future while driving progress for the state.

Our Work

The PPIC Higher Education Center offers independent, accessible, and actionable information on California’s higher education issues. We identify policies that improve both student success and institutional effectiveness, offering clear explanations of trade-offs and outlining potential pathways forward. The center focuses on three critical higher education issues facing California in the 21st century:

Expanding access: Identifying policies that increase and strengthen pathways to higher education, ensuring that all Californians have the opportunity to earn a college degree.
Improving outcomes: Promoting strategies that produce more college graduates and prepare Californians to be successful in a changing economy.
Managing finances: Helping to determine the most effective funding approaches, to keep college affordable and broaden the impact of the state’s higher education investments.

Our Advisory Council

The PPIC Higher Education Center advisory council consists of leaders in higher education issues from around the state. The center operates under the direction of the PPIC president and board of directors.

Our Funders

The center benefits from a broad base of investors who appreciate the vital need for a reliable, independent, and trusted broker in California’s higher education policy debates. Learn more about giving to the center.