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2020 Census Maps: California’s Hard-to-Count Communities

Much is at stake for California in the 2020 Census. The state’s political representation depends on an accurate count, as does the distribution of billions in federal funds for critical public investments and services. Many California communities are vulnerable: about 75 percent of residents are considered hard to count.

These interactive maps highlight hard-to-count communities across the state. The “likelihood of no response” category offers an overall assessment, while the other categories—undercounted racial/ethnic groups, noncitizens, young children, housing, and internet access—identify underlying characteristics that can help guide outreach efforts. The maps provide information for counties, congressional districts, state senate and assembly districts, and census tracts.

For more information, please contact Tess Thorman or Sarah Bohn.

This research is supported with funding from the California Community Foundation, the California Endowment, the California Health Care Foundation, and Silicon Valley Community Foundation.


How do I navigate in the interactive map?

Navigation tools are located in the upper-left corner of the map view. To zoom in and out, click on  and , or you can use the magnifying glass icon () to search. Reset the map by clicking on the home icon (). The right arrow () displays more tools. To move within the map, use the pan icon (), or hold down Shift and then click and drag your mouse across the map view. Click here for more information on the navigation tools.

Can I download data, an image, or a pdf from this interactive tool?

Select the download icon () in the toolbar below the interactive for download options, including image and pdf. To download data (where available), make sure to first click in the map or chart view (near the map or chart); otherwise this option will be disabled. Downloading all data rows as a text file will create a .csv file that can be opened in Excel.

Does PPIC have other Tableau interactives?

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