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groundwater sustainability plans

photo - Aerial View of Farmland in Central Valley, California Commentary: How to Address Groundwater Planning Gaps Groundwater sustainability planning for the San Joaquin Valley will have to resolve gaps in three key areas to ensure success. Read More
photo - Farm Irrigation Water Pump Video: A Review of San Joaquin Valley Groundwater Sustainability Plans Groundwater agencies in California’s largest farming region have submitted plans to address excess pumping. PPIC experts explain their plans to end overdraft and mitigate its undesirable effects, and next steps to achieve sustainability. Read More
photo - Porterville Resident Drinking Water from Pitcher Will Groundwater Sustainability Plans End the Problem of Dry Drinking Water Wells? Overpumping of groundwater has caused domestic wells to go dry in the San Joaquin Valley. Many sustainability plans do not propose ways to mitigate this problem. Read More
photo - Friant Kern Canal Sinking Lands, Damaged Infrastructure: Will Better Groundwater Management End Subsidence? Excess groundwater pumping can cause land to sink and damage infrastructure. Groundwater plans are supposed to reduce this risk—but do they go far enough? Read More
photo - San Luis Reservoir Views in Autumn, Merced County, California Water Availability for San Joaquin Valley Farms: A Balancing Act California’s largest farming region has wide variability in access to surface water. We examined how the mix of supplies affects solutions to end groundwater overdraft. Read More
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