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Portrait of John Heintzman
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John Heintzman

Associate Professor of Family Medicine, School of Medicine

Oregon Health & Science University

Dr. John David Heintzman is a family physician who has a passion for delivering quality primary care to all people. Out of this passion came a realization that many individuals and groups do not benefit from equal access to lifelong, high-quality primary care. That spurred Dr. Heintzman to get public health and research training to better study access to primary care by Latino populations, especially those using community health centers. Dr. Heintzman has collaborated with others at OHSU Family Medicine and the OCHIN Inc. nonprofit to use electronic health records to better understand inequalities in care. This includes studying differences in asthma treatment delivered in primary care between non-Hispanic white children and Latino children. It also includes evaluating alternative ways to pay for primary care in community health centers. Dr. Heintzman is part of a team committed to using new methods to better understand nuanced health disparities in racial and ethnic minorities, and to give providers and policy makers better data to improve the health of all of us.