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Advancing Ecosystem Restoration with Smarter Permitting

By Letitia Grenier, Stephanie Panlasigui, Crissy Pickett, Gokce Sencan

California’s ecosystems are vital to the state’s economy and wellbeing, yet they’re in dire health. Large-scale restoration is needed, and implementing smarter permitting can help.

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Why Is the Delta Starving?

By Sarah Bardeen

PPIC Water Policy Center fellow James Cloern discusses his new study, which estimates—for the first time—just how much primary production the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta has lost. Can the state restore this process, which forms the base of the Delta’s food chain?

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Smoothing the Bumps in the Road to Ecosystem Restoration

By Lori Pottinger

California’s environmental permitting system was developed to prevent bad things from happening to ecosystems, but it often slows efforts to do good things, too. We talked with a group of experts about how to make the process more efficient and effective.

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Fighting Sea Level Rise the Natural Way

By Lori Pottinger

How will rising seas affect freshwater ecosystems, and what role do these systems play in managing the problem? We talked to scientist Letitia Grenier about this issue.



By Ellen Hanak

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